Gruma Corp

Gruma Corporation

Mission Foods Corporation is a division of Gruma Corporation, which is part of GRUMA, S.A. de C.V., a Mexican affiliate of the MASECA Group, which operates in Mexico, the United States, Europe, China, Australia and Central America.

Gruma Corp

Tortilla Industry Association (T.I.A.)

The Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) was created in 1990 to serve the emerging tortilla industry, currently the fastest-growing segment of the baking industry. The "State of the Tortilla Industry Survey: 2000," conducted by Aspex Research, confirms the tortilla's position as the fastest-growing segment of the baking industry. In 2004, wholesale sales were worth over $4 billion, representing a 57% growth rate over the previous four years. Tortillas sales are the second highest within the packaged bread category, surpassing even the ever-popular bagel. Last year, Americans consumed a total of 7 billion pounds of tortillas, which translated into roughly 84 billion tortillas, or almost a tortilla a day for each American.